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Without lead generation, law firms often have days without client work. If you want a steady stream of personal injury cases, then it is important to focus your digital marketing campaigns towards strategies that generate high-quality personal injury leads.

A Clio Legal Trends Report illustrates how law firms spend a lot of time doing non-billable tasks.

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As seen in the graph, there is a huge disparity when it comes to numbers referring to utilization, realization, and collection rate. This means that, as of 2021, the average lawyer is billing clients for only 2.5 hours of work, or 31% out of their 8-hour workday.

The solution to this problem is lead generation , and yet most lawyers struggle to understand this concept.

Getting people to visit your law firm website is important, but the purpose is to turn these visits into personal injury leads. It doesn’t matter if you get a thousand visitors to your website every day if none of them turned out to be cases.

Having personal injury lead generation as your goal ensures that your online visibility won’t go to waste. It means closing the deal on a potential personal injury claim case with a strong lead generation strategy. Acquiring leads for a highly competitive niche like personal injury can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible.

What is Lead Generation for Personal Injury Law Firms?

Lead generation for personal injury law firms is a marketing practice to get new clients from car accident leads, mass tort leads, and slip and fall leads.

The goal is to attract people to your business using several marketing solutions. with the solutions you offer to their problem. When a person gets in touch with your business to inquire, he or she becomes a lead.

Paid vs. Organic Personal Injury Lead Generation Channels

There are two main methods of generating leads: paid and organic.

Organic leads don’t need any monetary investment, and usually happens when a prospective client finds a law firm using a search engine like Google. Implementing Lawyer SEO would ideally result in organic personal injury leads.

Alternately, paid lead generation means that there is cost involved in acquiring leads. This can either be from pay-per-click (PPC) ads or buying leads from a lead generation company – which we will discuss at a later part of this article. These companies sell legal leads to lawyers, and can get you more personal injury leads today.

Choosing organic or paid methods would lie entirely on your firm’s resources and how fast you want to see results. Organic leads are cost-efficient but can take some time to see results, while paid lead generation allows you to get leads faster but will require a substantial investment.

Most personal injury firms practice both organic and paid lead generation to meet short-term and long-term goals.

Your law firm can use PPC or buy leads from a lead generation company to get instant traction in getting more leads, while also investing in SEO, content marketing, and social media to ensure that personal injury leads continue to come in.

Lead Generation Services For Lawyers Vs. Personal Injury Attorney Marketing

You can also hire a lead generation company or work with a digital marketing agency specializing in personal injury.

The advantage of hiring a personal injury lead generation company is that you can see faster results. The disadvantage is that these results stop when you stop buying leads. Paid leads cost higher, so you need to consider your budget and return on investment (ROI).

This is why personal injury attorney marketing , which includes SEO, social media, and content marketing, remain necessary to sustain more leads.

While lead generation companies will help get you more leads faster, it is equally important to carry out personal injury attorney marketing to ensure better and long-lasting results.

How To Get Quality Personal Injury Leads Via Personal Injury Digital Marketing

Optimize Your Website For Lawyer SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) offers a level field for your firm to compete with million-dollar firms. When you implement an SEO strategy for your law firm website , you increase your chances of ranking in top spots for lucrative search engine terms in your locality, such as “personal injury lawyer in Miami.”

Lawyer SEO involves several steps which include keyword research, SEO audit, technical SEO , and local SEO – all of which we discuss in length in our SEO for Lawyers post.

Starting with an SEO audit, you’ll be able to identify areas for improvement of your website and create action plans around it. You’ll need a method to track and measure the results of these actions.

Your site should get more traffic and rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) as a result of optimizing your law firm website. Here’s an example of growth attributed to a successful personal injury SEO campaign for one of our clients, Fasig Brooks .

Word image 57301 2

One caveat of SEO is that it might take some time before you see some results. If you’re looking for a faster method of personal injury lead generation, you can opt to use pay-per-click (PPC) ads, which we’ll be discussing below.

Leverage PPC Ads

Using paid digital advertising like PPC ads help lawyers gain visibility online regardless of their size or tenure in the industry. We recommend starting a Google Ads search campaign and target keywords that are relevant to the practice area of your law firm.

Below is an example of a Google search ad for the keywords, “personal injury lawyer texas.” When a user clicks on these ads, they are taken to the personal injury website where they can become personal injury leads.

Word image 57301 3

The challenge with PPC ads is that highly competitive keywords can have a high cost-per-click (CPC) value. To avoid spending outside your budget, we recommend targeting low competition keywords with high purchase intent to ensure getting quality personal injury leads.

You’ll have to use a keyword research tool like Ahrefs to find low competition keywords for your niche. For a personal injury firm, these might be:

  • Auto accident lawyer
  • Wrongful death lawyer
  • Car accidents lawyer
  • Truck accident lawyer
  • Motorcycle accident lawyer
  • Mass tort lawyer

High intent keywords indicate transactional phrases like “buy,” “best,” “pricing,” “discount,” “consultation,” and “near me.”

So putting them together, we get “car accidents lawyer near me,” as an example of a low competition, high purchase intent keyword.

Publish and Promote Blog Posts Around Your Audience’s Pain Points

The American Bar Association report reveals only 27% of law firms maintain a blog, despite it being effective in client retention according to 46% of the survey’s respondents.

A blog helps you offer value to potential personal injury cases, demonstrates your expertise in your niche, and reminds readers of your call-to-action (CTA). When lawyers publish helpful content, it’s easier to earn the reader’s trust.

For instance, someone who wants to get help with a medical malpractice might want to read about it first and then decide on hiring a law firm. When you give people value, they often become quality personal injury leads.

Below is the blog of our client, 1800 Injured Care. It’s a great example of a law firm using their website’s blog to educate readers and demonstrate expertise in their practice area.

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Here’s a guide to starting a legal blog , which discusses a strong strategy that includes keyword research , creating a content calendar, following the pillar and cluster content framework, and choosing a blogging platform.

Create a Holistic Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a robust content marketing plan from content creation, publishing, and promotion. The goal of putting out content is to attract quality leads for your personal injury law firm.

Here’s what we recommend to include in your legal content strategy:

  1. Identify your content marketing goals
  2. Research your competition’s content marketing strategy
  3. Create a content calendar and publishing schedule or workflow
  4. Use a style guide for consistent branding in your messages
  5. Have a content distribution plan
  6. Measure your performance after 3 to 6 months

Read our content marketing guide to learn more about these steps in detail.

Offer Free Consultations to Get More Personal Injury Cases

Offering a free consultation is one of the best ways to acquire personal injury leads. It assures potential clients that they’ll get a preview of your services without having to pay, while allowing you to pitch your firm in the best way possible.

Here’s an example from one of our clients, Goldstein and Goldstein, LLP, where they include a button to schedule a free consultation on their law firm website.

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You too can offer free legal help in general personal injury cases in exchange for getting quality leads.

Get More Customer Reviews to Generate Leads

People trust personal injury firms and personal injury attorneys with positive customer reviews. Focusing on providing the best service to your existing personal injury cases and having a review generation strategy in place will ensure that your law firm gets more positive client reviews.

To get reviews for your law firm, you need to create and optimize your Google Business Profile as part of your local SEO strategy . Satisfied clients who have used your services can publish reviews on your Google My Business listing, which is visible to anyone who finds your listing online. A person who reads these reviews is likely to convert to a personal injury lead.

Here’s an example of our client, Wattel & York’s Google Business Profile where you’ll see the firm’s star rating below their business name.

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Reviews play an important role in generating personal injury leads because it builds awareness, demonstrates your competence, and creates trust with your audience.

Formulate a Social Media Marketing Strategy to Attract Prospective Clients

Social media marketing for lawyers is a delicate task for a niche such as personal injury. Sensitive personal injury cases like car accidents, wrongful death, or medical malpractice should be handled with care in social media marketing.

When you decide to set your rules, it’s time to set a goal that is aimed towards getting more personal injury leads. Are you using social media to:

  • Improve brand awareness?
  • Drive traffic to your website?
  • Generate leads and get new clients?
  • Retain existing clients?

With a clear goal in mind, the next step is to execute a plan. The success of your social media marketing campaign depends on the factors below.

Know your audience . Having an audience persona in mind lets you deliver the right message in a way that resonates with your audience. Conducting research on your target market is key to getting their attention and connecting with them on an emotional level.

Analyze the competition . Being aware and understanding what your competitors are doing for their social media campaigns gives you endless ideas for your own strategy and how you can stand out.

Know when your audience is online . Creating a strategic posting schedule can bolster your social media efforts. Hootsuite has several recommendations on when and how often to post in your social media channels, which can maximize views and clicks to your site and bring you more personal injury leads.

Engage with your audience . The essence of social media is to connect with others. Responding to comments or going on Facebook Live to “talk” to your audience is a great way to build your following and secure people’s trust in your expertise.

You can also integrate videos in your strategy. Here’s an example YouTube video of a PI lawyer sharing legal tips for their clients:

5 Best Services For Buying Personal Injury Leads

There are many advantages to buy legal leads from a service provider. When you choose the right lead generation company, you enjoy perks such as getting the highest quality leads and being more visible online. You get access to a wide network of exclusive personal injury leads, which are likely to convert into cases.


Avvo is one of the most visited sites for buying leads in the industry, with over 8 million visits per month and thousands of personal injury attorneys on its network.

In addition to selling leads, Avvo also offers lawyer review generation, directory listing, and customized lawyer profiles.

Avvo Starter is free and lets you create a lawyer profile. Avvo Advanced and Elite offer more features for getting quality personal injury leads.

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Your free Avvo profile gives you access to the community forum of lawyers who give out legal advice on their practice areas. This is an opportunity to get personal injury leads in exchange for providing legal assistance to someone who needs help with general personal injury inquiries or personal injury claims.


Nolo is an online directory of lawyers offering all specializations including personal injury. Buying personal injury leads with Nolo starts with a client filling out a form on their network. Nolo sends qualified legal leads to the appropriate law firm via email, SMS, or CRM software.

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Justia is another lawyer directory and lead generation company that can help you generate leads for your personal injury firm. You can sign up for a Pro account and enjoy visibility across the Justia network and stand out from other personal injury lawyers with a customized profile page.

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FindLaw is one of the first websites that offer a lawyer directory. Today, they have expanded their offering to most digital marketing services including lead generation, website development, social media, directory listing, and content marketing.

Unlike Nolo, FindLaw uses targeted ads and landing pages to capture leads, then sells these leads to lawyers or law firms with the appropriate specialization and location. Buying personal injury leads on FindLaw is explained well on their website. Their pricing is not publicly available, but you can request a quote.

Word image 57301 10 is a highly popular lawyer directory website, which has a global network of over one million lawyer profiles. This site offers legal leads for any practice area and location. uses SEO and advertising to attract traffic to their site. They offer a premium lawyer profile placement for a monthly fee, where a lawyer’s profile appears on top of search results.

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If you have to choose from these personal injury lead generation companies, go with for wide reach and reliable expertise, or if you don’t have the budget, then a Justia profile might be more suitable. Either way, you increase your chances of getting personal injury leads.

Remember that buying personal injury leads have their disadvantages – the most important one is that once you stop paying, the leads will also stop coming in. Paid lead generation can help you get leads fast, but you’ll still need a long-term lead generating strategy.

Buying leads might also cost you more, especially for exclusive personal injury leads. Before hiring these companies, consider how much leads cost and whether your firm has the resources needed to sustain paid leads.

Final Thoughts

Getting a constant stream of personal injury leads is vital to the growth of your firm. New clients achieve a decent utilization and build your business around clients who trust you.

However buying leads is a short-term strategy which can be expensive. Forming a long-term personal injury lead generation strategy is crucial. Contact us today to conduct a customized audit for your personal injury firm and find growth opportunities.

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Article by Kim Barloso


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