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What you’ll find in this series – Part 1

We get asked everyday what keywords are going to drive business to our attorney clients. This is a HUGE part of determining your Search Engine Optimization strategy as well as making your firm as profitable as possible! With SEO, there are short-tail(2-3 word) and long tail(3-6 word) keyword phrases, so be sure you are varying the type and length of keywords to cover all the bases your potential clients might search for. It is also incredibly important with geo-targeted searches to ensure that you are including the cities, towns, neighborhoods, and counties that you provide your service for as well.

Since we already helping hundreds of Attorneys figure out just what keywords and phrases to use, we decided to release this series to help you while deciding on what words you should include in your SEO strategies. Over the next few weeks, we are going to provide what we see requested most often, broken down into Practice Areas. We hope this helps you better develop your strategy and gets the wheels turning in your head on different options you should include in yours.

Today’s list is for Bankruptcy Lawyers

  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Chapter 7 Lawyer
  • Chapter 7 Attorney
  • Chapter 13 Lawyer
  • Chapter 13 Attorney
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Law Lawyer
  • Bankruptcy Law Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Law Firm
  • Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Personal Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Personal Bankruptcy Law Firm
  • Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Cheap Bankruptcy Law Firm
  • Inexpensive Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Inexpensive Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Inexpensive Bankruptcy Law Firm
  • Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Affordable Bankruptcy Law Firm
  • Bankruptcy Litigation Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Litigation Law Firm
  • Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Consumer Bankruptcy Law Firm
  • Bankruptcy Litigation Lawyer
  • Bankruptcy Litigation Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Litigation Law Firm
  • Certified Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Certified Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Certified Bankruptcy Law Firm
  • Certified Bankruptcy Specialist
  • Commercial Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Commercial Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Commercial Bankruptcy Law Firm
  • Credit Card Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Credit Card Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Credit Card Bankruptcy Law Firm
  • Debt Relief Lawyer
  • Debt Relief Attorney
  • Debt Relief Law Firm
  • Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Personal Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Personal Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure Lawyer
  • Foreclosure Attorney
  • Foreclosure Law Firm
  • Foreclosure Defense Lawyer
  • Foreclosure Defense Attorney
  • Foreclosure Defense Law Firm
  • Foreclosure Law Lawyer
  • Foreclosure Law Attorney
  • Foreclosure Law Law Firm
  • Loan Modification Lawyer
  • Loan Modification Attorney
  • Loan Modification Law Firm

Good Luck developing your own SEO gameplan! This is one of the most important parts of building your online presence, so take it extremely serious. Be sure you cover all of your bases with regards to the keywords AND locations. The next post will cover the hottest and most effective keywords for Criminal Defense Attorneys.

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