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Most attorneys have outdated websites. Some have decent websites but fail to deliver law firm marketing results. Because a beautiful law firm website design is insufficient — it should generate leads for your law firm , be optimized for speed and SEO , and build trust with your potential clients.

As a law firm website design agency , we have designed 300+ custom websites for attorneys in the last decade. Below are a few of the best law firm websites our team recommends you to take inspiration for your new website. The below list is vetted by our team members, Janis Rubulus , our design lead, and Kaspars Milbergs , our CTO.

Let’s dive in.

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Liberty Man Law

Word image 57731 1

The first law firm website on the list is Liberty Man Law, an employment litigation law firm based in California. Their website offers all the necessary information right in front; anyone who lands on their law firm website can tell who they are, what they do, and how to reach out to them within a minute.

The delightful animations, right font size, and smooth navigation make their website client-centric.

Key Takeaway

Make sure to keep your website design client-centric.

Insurance Lawyer in Florida

Word image 57731 2

The next law firm website on the list is Florida Home Claims. Instead of asking their potential client for their claim, they display all the different cases they help their clients with on the home page. So, all their prospects must do is choose from the given choices. When you’re presented with options, it gets easier to answer. They make it effortless for their clients to take action.

Besides that, they repeat their call to action multiple times, as multiple CTAs can increase your conversion rate by 20% . The clean background and orange color make the CTA button stands out, shifting your focus towards it.

Even though the overall website design is quite basic, they provide all the information their prospects need to take action, which should ideally be the goal. They answered the required questions for their website visitors and explained their “Why” on the home page.

Key Takeaway

Keep your website design clean, repeat the CTA multiple times, and answer all necessary questions your target audience might need answers to take action.

Wattel & York

Word image 57731 3

Wattel and York is a law firm based in Arizona. Their personal injury lawyer website hooks their website visitors with the video in the Hero section and uses their primary keywords right in front. For example, instead of merely mentioning personal injury lawyers, they define their specialized niche, viz., dog bites, accident, and injury attorneys.

Moreover, they mention that their free consultations are available 24 hours. Hence, you can contact them whenever you need, and they’ll get back to you.

They don’t leave anything to chance and display the results they have gotten for each of the practice areas they serve. The LinkedIn profiles of each of the attorneys are available on the homepage, making it easier for prospective clients to contact them directly or find out more about them. They have also added their online reviews here on the home page of their law firm website.

Key Takeaway

Include the information on your website that helps you stand out from other lawyer websites and show your expertise. Make it super simple for your prospective clients to contact you.

Richard Hochhauser DWI & Criminal Lawyer

Word image 57731 4

Richard Hochhauser is a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and a Criminal Defence Lawyer. You can find the locations they serve within three seconds of landing on their website.

They offer a great user experience to anyone who lands on their website with easy-to-consume content, bright color schema, large website elements, and structured navigation. Direct CTAs are available to encourage website visitors to take action just when they’re ready.

Key Takeaway

Keep your law firm website design simple and structure it for smooth navigation, along with providing good content for your prospective clients.

West Coast Trial Lawyers

Word image 57731 5

One of the best ways to make someone listen to you is to tell them something of their interest. West Coast Trial Lawyers, a personal injury law firm, do just that by displaying the compensation amount they have gotten for their existing clients so far. It shows their would-be clients that they know how to negotiate on their behalf.

Plus, they’ve done a pretty good job of collecting client reviews over the years. They have testimonials available on Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, and even in video format on their website.

Plus, they set themselves apart from other law firm websites with their unique selling point, “No fee until you win.”

Key Takeaway

Hook your potential clients by showing them exactly what they need and give them multiple solid reasons to choose you over competitors.

Lopez & DeFilippo , P.A.

Word image 57731 6

The law firm website of Lopez & DeFilippo stands out for its minimal design with all the necessary information laid out for potential clients to see as they go.

Besides that, depending on their target audience, their lawyer website is available in two languages. It gives them an advantage over their competition, whose website may only be available in English. It is a cost-efficient option that reduces your bounce rate and improves your conversions tremendously.

Key Takeaway

Depending on your target audience, determine what functionalities may improve the user experience and include those features on your attorney website.

Staver Accident Injury Lawyers

Word image 57731 7

The website of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers is one of the best law firm websites. It provides a way to get all the information with a single click without even needing to scroll a bit. Yet, the design doesn’t look overwhelming.

The overall website design, along with the attorneys’ pictures, looks simple but effective. The majority of their web design budget went into making their site more functional and having the right content on it.

Key Takeaway

Keep everything on your law firm website simple and focus on providing the correct information to encourage your potential clients to take action.

The McClellan Law Firm

Word image 57731 8

The McClellan Law Firm provides personal injury and business litigation legal services. They have a high-performance website with a very classic design. The quality images, delightful animations, and a video demonstration of their law firm show it’s a high-budget website.

Besides, they have a dedicated page for each practice area they serve, an incredible 404 error page, and separate news, blog, and case study pages. Including such content helps you level up your content marketing, link-building , and SEO game, along with providing a better user experience. Hence, it qualifies as one of the best law firm websites.

Word image 57731 9

Key Takeaway

If you have a reasonable budget for your website, make sure it excels in structure and function with a clear purpose, appealing visuals, smooth navigation, necessary content, and technical security and stability.

Horne Coupar

Word image 57731 10

Home Coupar is a Will and Real Estate Law firm. They show credibility by displaying they have been in business for 77 years. Their CTA button stands out in the background, and they have a good font balance to improve readability. Although the colors are a bit depressing, a brighter background with sharp contrast would look more appealing to the eyes.

The other functionality feature includes an easy payment solution, making it easier to handle transactions and saving time.

Key Takeaway

Figure out what extra functions can make it easier for you to deal with your new clients and if your budget allows, consider adding those additional features to your website.

Schoenberg Family Law Group

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For a family law firm, Schoenberg Family Law Group has a good color schema and images. Plus, their site offers a high page loading speed, different pages for all legal services, testimonials, attorney bio, and mobile responsive.

Besides that, they offer a free ebook to their website visitors in return for their email addresses. Most law firms only offer a free consultation call, which is a great way to get your prospects’ email addresses. You can continue sending them your monthly newsletter and improve your brand awareness.

Key Takeaway

Consider offering a lead magnet on your website and collecting the email addresses of your target audience. It can help you market to the people who have once interacted with your brand.


Word image 57731 12

Page Law is a criminal defense law firm with a location-based domain. It helps them with local SEO and gets more local traffic to their website.

Apart from that, the website offers a minimal design and tons of good information in a language free from legal jargon. Plus, they cover event-based articles to help them build backlinks and increase their domain rating, which is one of the factors Google coincides with for ranking your site.

Hence, we can say that this website is designed keeping SEO in mind.

Key Takeaway

If you lack enough knowledge about technical SEO, consider investing in a law firm website design agency that provides you SEO benefits along with a good law firm website.

Tamara Holder

Word image 57731 13

Tamar Holder is a Chicago-based attorney who fights for women’s rights. The picture of the founding attorney immediately arrests the visitor’s attention, encouraging them to explore the rest of the site.

Moreover, if you notice their copy, you’ll see that it’s written in plain language, talking directly to their clients. Plus, the CTA button is available multiple times on web pages to ensure when the lead is ready to take action, they’re just a click away from booking a consultation call with the law firm.

Key Takeaway

Make sure to answer all pain points of your target audience and speak to them in their language. It’ll help them build trust and feel that you “get” them.

Barr & Young Attorneys

Word image 57731 14

Barr & Young Attorneys is a Trust and Estate Litigation law firm. This lawyer website has sharp design elements, engaging animations for some images, a great section base, and well-styled content.

Besides that, even though it’s obvious, they make sure to let their potential clients know that their consultations will remain confidential. Plus, instead of using a generic phrase like “submit,” they chose different call-to-action phrases to increase conversions—for example, get assistance, contact us today, and get your free consultation.

Such phrases build a clear value proposition for the users and help them feel in control.

Key Takeaway

Invest in a quality copywriter to create the best law firm website content and engage your readers. A great web design with a rock-solid copy can separate you from your competitors and provide measurable results.

Modern Law

Word image 57731 15

Modern Law is a Divorce and Family law firm. Their website makes it super easy for potential clients to take action as they define their path and give them options to choose from. When you land on their website, all you have to do is select what you need, and they will lead you to the right page.

Besides that, they have an accessibility option for disabled people, which means anyone can get the information they need from their well-designed website. This added functionality feature helps reduce the bounce rate enormously. Plus, Google considers such factors – providing a great user experience – while ranking your website; hence, it’s equally important for SEO.

Word image 57731 16

Although, when someone visits your website, the first thing they see is your header, and the background color choice of Modern Law Fim’s website could be better if they had chosen some brighter color.

Key Takeaway

Go the extra mile to provide a better user experience.

Thomas & Associates

Word image 57731 17

Thomas and Associates is a family law firm. They have a basic but clean website design, and the wisely integrated decoration makes it look neat. However, the website’s inner pages have too blocky content, and it lacks proper font space, making the text look a bit overwhelming.

However, the message they’re trying to convey to their audience is clear, and they’ve answered why potential clients should choose them over their competitors in front. It helps your target audience connect with your brand.

Key Takeaway

Hook your potential clients with emotions, use a backstory on your about page, or while answering why they should choose your firm.

Attorney Website Best Practices

Now that we have discussed the examples of some great lawyer websites, where each one of them has something different to offer. Let’s discuss the must-haves for your law firm’s website .

Make your website user-friendly

For lawyer websites, user experience is the number ranking factor. Plus, it increases customer acquisition and loyalty and has a positive impact on your overall revenue generation.

All law firms need to have these features on their business law firm website to ensure that it serves the purpose:

  • Let it be easy to navigate for your prospects.
  • Outline all of your practice areas.
  • Have a clear and concise web copy.
  • Showcase your attorney bios with a professional headshot on the homepage.
  • Make your contact information easily accessible.
  • Have scannable content on your law firm’s website.
  • Add multiple CTAs on web pages.

2. Optimize your website for search engines

SEO is one of the most important factors for law firm sites as it helps you get in front of your target audience. If you don’t appear in the search results, your great website design will do no good for your business. Hence, make sure that your website has these basic SEO features on your site:

  • Quick loading speed
  • Responsive web design
  • High accessibility
  • Structured URL

3. Other Essential Factors to Keep in Mind

You’ll need to consider several things while designing a high-performance website. You’ll need some of them to build a website that encourages your prospects to take action.

  • Social proof
  • Consistent visual design
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Educational content
  • Good Functionality

It’s Time You Design Your Law Firm Website Now!

Whichever practice your law firm specializes in, your legal practice needs professional branding. A high quality website design is the starting point for that.

I hope the attorney website examples in the article provide some design inspiration. Now craft a compelling law firm website keeping user experience, branding, and SEO in mind.

If you’re short of time, we can design your website — just contact us with your requirements. And we’ll get back with a free quote.

Sadaf Tanzeem

Article by Sadaf Tanzeem


Sadaf Tanzeem is a B2B SaaS and Marketing writer. She collaborates with overwhelmed content marketers and business owners to take the burden of content development off your shoulders.

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