If you are looking to increase your web traffic in a meaningful and sustainable way, you should be strongly considering  search engine optimization as one of your primary digital marketing channels . Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, increases visibility to your site by generating useful, engaging content aimed specifically at helping your targeted audience get a better understanding of your company, your goods and services, and learn more about the industry in general. By offering this type of information in an easy-to-read package and incorporating relevant keywords throughout the content,  you are sending a signal to the major search engines that you have an authoritative understanding of the subject, and that they will benefit from sending their customers (search engine users) by directing them to your website.


  • Medium  Competition Keywords
  • 2000 Words  Content Monthly
  • 1-2x High Authority  Link Placements Monthly
  • Phone  Tracking
  • Google+ Business Page  Creation/Optimization
  • Directories: Listing Submission to  15+ directories


  • Ultra high  Competition Keywords
  • 8000  Words Content Monthly
  • 5-15x+ High  Authority Link Placements Monthly
  • Enhanced  Phone & Tracking
  • VIP  Project Manager
  • Directories: Listing
  • Submission to  15+ directories
  • Site Structure  Optimization


  • High  Competition Keywords
  • 4000  Words Content Monthly
  • 2-3x High  Authority Link Placements Monthly
  • Enhanced  Phone & Tracking
  • Directories: Listing Submission to  15+ directories
  • Conversion  Optimization

Why SEO Should Be One Of Your Main Digital Marketing Strategies

Many people start out with an SEO goal in mind, such as publishing a blog each week and quickly lose steam after making a few posts. One of the keys to a successful SEO strategy is continuous output, and many people give up before seeing any results. Typically, it can take between 3-6 months to start seeing measurable changes to your search engine rankings, as there is a period of latency while the search engines begin to catalog and measure your increased reach, as well as the response from visitors. If you are focusing on running your business or managing short-term advertising campaigns like PPC, it can be helpful to use an agency to focus on a long-term SEO strategy meant to drive your site up the results pages and improve your organic search rankings. We offer a range of SEO packages and SEO prices to suit the many needs and goals of the businesses we help and will be happy to discuss your SEO needs with you in a consultation.

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What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the practice of using targeted, keyword-optimized content to improve your website’s search engine rankings for those specific keywords and queries. Other digital marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click advertising, cost you money each time a user searches for your keywords, but with SEO you are not paying for traffic that has already signaled their intent to use your company, or a company like yours. Additionally, many users indicate that they trust organic search results  much more  than they trust paid ads at the top of each SERP, meaning that you are increasing your trust with consumers from the moment they first view your link on the search results. They will be rewarded upon their click when they discover highly valuable information and insights into your industry on your website, as well.

Google and the other major search engines like Bing use what are known as “web crawlers” that go through each indexed website on the internet and analyze them for things like keywords, metatags, and interconnectivity with other sites to establish the site’s focus and the search queries that will be best served when directed to the site. Beyond these major details, the crawlers additionally analyze things like site structure, load speed, and historic usage statistics in order to get a sense of the quality of your site. These analogs for site quality all lead to them either increasing your page rank on the results pages or lowering your rank. The higher your site ranking, the more likely you are to get organic traffic based on your targeted keywords.

Making Our SEO Pricing Work For You

Bringing in a third-party SEO company can seem like a scary decision when it comes to maximizing your marketing budget, but the reality is that we will likely be able to increase the return on your investment and make our SEO packages as cost-effective as possible. During your initial conversations with your account manager, you will be able to go through your budget, your goals, and get a sense of how we can make our SEO packages a valuable asset for your marketing goals. Our SEO pricing is competitive, and one quick look at our portfolio will give you an indication of the level of quality you can expect as our client.

The tiered SEO packages we offer are designed to help you reach a series of goals based on your budget, and we will be able to go through these specifics during our analysis of your current marketing efforts, the performance you are currently experiencing with your budget and more. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results no matter what SEO package you choose, and we are always happy to discuss SEO pricing of the other packages if you are interested in increasing your traffic and taking your SEO efforts to the next level.

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How To Determine What To Spend On an SEO Package

In order to determine a reasonable amount of money to spend, and therefore which package works best for you given our SEO pricing, you will need to take a close look at your finances, existing marketing costs, and either the room in your budget or your willingness to shift marketing dollars to SEO from other objectives. We will be happy to discuss the benefits of our SEO packages to give you a better sense of the return on investment we will help you work towards, but this will still not give you a clear understanding of the business’s ability to either increase or adjust your digital marketing budget.

As a Percentage Of Your Overall Budget

The CMO Survey suggests that your marketing budget fall somewhere between  9.4% and 12.2%  of your overall company budget each year on marketing, but keep in mind that this is a yearly average across all industries, does not account for increases or decreases based on seasonal fluctuations, and omits a significant amount of other variables that help businesses arrive to their decision. While this range is a good guideline, it does not tell the whole story.

As Compared With Your Current Cost Per Conversion

One of the biggest things to consider is your CPA, or Cost Per Acquisition, for your current digital marketing efforts, and determine whether or not those costs would be reduced by moving to an organic search strategy and away from exclusively paid campaigns. Your CPA for SEO will be measured differently than your costs associated with PPC, since you will not be paying for traffic to your site, and instead will be paying for the SEO package. If you have a CPA of $100, and are trying to understand your budget for our SEO prices, you will need to extrapolate this CPA for your long-term budget. 50 new customers with a $100 CPA amounts to $5,000 out of your marketing budget, and the benefit with SEO is that $5,000 worth of SEO work is cumulative, while $5,000 of PPC budget vanishes the moment you pause the campaign. In addition, your target audience will be able to repeatedly come back to your site in order to reference the content and information you have generated for SEO purposes.

Consider a New Customer’s Average Lifetime Value

Part of the calculus for determining an appropriate ad budget, and therefore the appropriate SEO pricing and SEO package for your specific needs, is to consider the average revenue generated by a new customer. A $100 CPA is high for an average lifetime value of $10, but is an exceptional return on investment for a $ 5,000-lifetime value. Of course, these figures are simply used as examples, but you have the insights into your business and will be able to work out a target CPA with your campaign manager at im电竞竞猜 A strong SEO campaign may increase your likelihood of repeat purchases from a customer due to the increased trust you establish when you provide them with such useful information.

What Goes Into the Cost of an im电竞竞猜 SEO Package?

As you can see by our tiered pricing, there are different benefits to each package. However, what you get across packages is consistent results from a reputable and proven SEO firm that is dedicated to providing you with excellent services. We price our packages competitively, and as one of the best Florida SEO companies, we are proud to provide our clients with great value for each package.

Expert Analysis

Our analysts know what it takes to identify a successful SEO strategy, regardless of industry, competition, or past attempts. The key to any successful digital marketing campaign is data analysis and an ability to translate that into real-world, actionable plans, and over the past decade as one of the leading SEO companies in Florida, we have gotten this process down to a science. 

When you are able to look at a comprehensive analysis of your SEO package, you will be able to get specific and measurable insight into your return on investment and how effectively your marketing budget is being utilized.

Professional Content Writing

All of our content writers are in-house, meaning that you won’t need to worry about posting outsourced content on your site. You should be proud of your website, and happy to share it with the world, which is why it is so important to us at im电竞竞猜 that everyone is all part of the same team. Whereas many other SEO and content services use third-party sites like Upwork in order to get their content written, you will only get content produced by our staff writers when you are a client of OTM.

Our SEO pricing provides you with end-to-end support, meaning that your job throughout out execution of your SEO package is to welcome your new customers and provide them with the world-class goods and services that you are known for.

Custom Analytics Dashboards

Sure, we could have the best analysts in the world, but it wouldn’t mean much if you couldn’t understand what you were looking at. That’s why we provide all of our clients with custom analytics dashboards that highlight the metrics that are most important to them, and that indicates how successful our work is going. It can be easy to rely on “ vanity metrics ” in order to feel like your digital marketing is successful, but we focus on hard, measurable data that proves you are getting the return on your investment that you rightfully expect.

Your analytics dashboard will be central to your budget analysis as you are able to calculate your new CPA, compare it to past digital marketing efforts, and get a clear understanding of the long-term value of an SEO package from im电竞竞猜

We don’t just post a few articles on another website and call it a day; instead, we manage ongoing relationships with industry leaders so that we can continuously improve your search engine page rankings with strong backlinks and a good working relationship with other authorities in your world. We take this on so that you can focus on running your business and providing your clients with the high-quality products and services that they come to you for.

These relationships pay dividends in the future, as your site benefits from the additional inbound traffic and the improved standings with the major search engines as they recognize your value in the industry. This is just one of the many reasons that our SEO packages continue to benefit you long after you have paid our SEO prices for the work performed.

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