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  • High-quality legal content that matches your legal brand’s voice and tone
  • SEO optimized content creation that ranks in search results
  • A roster of experienced legal content writers across legal practice areas

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Last year, our legal writers produced over 1.5M words of compelling content!

Finding a reliable and responsive professional legal content writer is tricky. Often, you’ll end up with promises of “attorney reviewed content.” That may demonstrate your legal expertise and probably represent your brand accurately.

But what if such legal content fails to rank in search engines, or meet your digital marketing goals?

With millions of blog posts published every day on the internet, most produced content falls flat . The content doesn’t get any traction because there’s a lack of strategy behind its creation.

Lawyer content writing that gets SEO results

im电竞竞猜 is an attorney SEO agency that takes a systematic approach to content creation. Our SEO strategists map out “hubs of content” and supporting pages for your law practice before our writers write a word.  

The goal is to rank your law firm’s website for important legal keywords related to your practice in your primary business location(s). Here’s how the content map could look like for a criminal defense lawyer:

Law firms seo formula

Based on the above strategy, below are results for a client. We created 70 pages of SEO content totalling 86,710 words to increase their site’s organic traffic by 661.58%, referring domains by 400, and form conversions by 86%.

Increased dr from 27 to 33

Once a content strategy is in place, SEO for lawyers calls for focusing on high quality writing. 

  • For getting traffic from your content, you have to bake its distribution channel while creating it.
  • To get leads and conversions , you should address the pain points of your target audience and answer their pressing questions.

Our content creation process integrates optimization of every page for a target keyword. It also tries to answer the frequently asked questions by the searchers.

For this, we rely on Surfer SEO reports. It shares data-backed suggestions on keyword usage by analyzing the currently ranking articles and questions asked in search engnies. Hence our legal writers ensure every piece is structured properly and primed to receive organic traffic.

Kansas city car accident attorney

If you don't like the content we send, you'll be happy to know that we don't limit the number of revisions.

Still on the fence about our legal content creation services? The next section should be able to pull the trigger.

Breakdown of our law firm content writing services

Exhibit your law firm’s brand accurately: SEO agencies are notorious for simply conducting keyword research and not training freelance writers to follow a brand’s writing style. Not with us — we’ll ask you to fill a “content questionnaire” while onboarding to ensure we nail your brand’s voice and tone.

Content writing questionnaire

Establish topical expertise for your legal practice in SERPs: Our services begin with our SEO tech analyzing your current website and finding its content gaps. Below is a sample hub and spoke we follow for executing a personal injury lawyer SEO strategy to establish your site's relevance and authority for every practice area & sub-practice areas you serve.

Personal injury lawyer location

SEO optimized legal content: Our law firm SEO content has driven targeted traffic for hundreds of law firm websites. Our writers take on page SEO into account while creating content — relying on industry leading SEO tools.

Content creation systems that get results (at scale): Every year, our legal writers collaborate with our content director to produce millions of high-quality words — creating pages that rank in search engines. Our team is proficient and project management is effective. No wonder, our processes are scalable.

Compelling content that helps you reach your content marketing goals: Whether you want more traffic, leads, or revenue, our legal writers create content for the complete funnel. Beyond traffic, we persuade a potential client to click on “free consultation” (or another CTA button) and inquire about your legal services.

Frequently asked questions about legal content writing

How a legal content writing engagement with OTM looks like

Step #1: We understand your firm's goals and send you a custom quote

Our digital marketing professionals begin engagement with new clients by understanding your business goals. Then based on your legal marketing requirements, our team presents a quote for your project.

Step #2: You sign a contract with OTM

If you already have an SEO or digital marketing strategy in place — that you need content for — we’re happy to create content. Otherwise, our SEO team analyzes your website, creates an overarching content writing plan, and suggests monthly budget(s). Once ready, you sign a contract with us, and a customer success manager (CSM) will onboard you.

Step #3: A SEO tech creates a 3-month content plan (and we get your approval)

Our team works in 90-day sprints, so after we create a custom content writing plan, a CSM will present it to you. After your approval, we begin content writing.

Step #4: Your legal content is regularly sent for review (then published, taking SEO into account…)

Your CSM will send you content pieces for your review as per the project timelines. As soon you approve, the content goes live with necessary interlinking, URL structures, images, and overall optimizations are done using Surfer SEO.

Step #5: Iteration of your content strategy

At the end of three months, you can review the content plan and the results of the content we published. Then suggest modifications to the content strategy. Typically you may want to create more supporting content for the practice area that’s performing well, or you may even hire us .

Hand over your legal content writing needs to us

We know legal professionals are picky with the content on their websites. Don’t worry. Our systems and processes for the legal industry incorporate your brand’s voice and tone. Simultaneously, they reliably deliver website traffic and potential clients — our over a decade of legal SEO experience and its results are proof.

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